Warner Bros. Wins Superman Case: No More Copyright Kryptonite

Yesterday, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeal wrapped up a year old appeal between Warner Bros. and their archenemies: the estates of the Man of Steel’s co-creators Jerry Spiegel and Joe Shuster. Shuster heir Mark Peary filed a copyright termination notice in 2003 however, Warner Bros. and DC Comics contended that a 1992 agreement with Shuster’s siblings delivered all Superman rights to them. The Siegel estate also attempted to institute a copyright termination notice over which litigation ensued, but in that case the court found in Warner Bros. favor earlier this year. 

Although the legal turmoil did not hinder this summer’s Man of Steel blockbuster, this decision removes all remaining copyright obstacles the studio could have faced in further Superman or Superboy properties. 

What are your thoughts on the outcome?


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