Justice Department Reluctantly Releases Evidence Against Kim Dotcom

After a month long debate in a Virginia federal court, a federal judge has ordered the unsealing of nearly 200 pages of documents summarizing evidence the U.S. government plans to use at trial against Megaupload. As is stands, those involved in Megaupload’s operation are seeking to prevent extradition to the United States on charges of criminal copyright infringement and racketeering. Thus the parties demanded to see the evidence so they would have an opportunity to oppose any information they believed had the potential of prejudicing the jury. If Dotcom gets extradited, a plethora or government officials from various agencies will be called as witnesses to testify about Dotcom’s willful intent to infringe copyrights on films, television shows and songs. 

What do you think about the strength of the government’s evidence of Kim Dotcom’s willful intent? 


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