HBO Triumphs in Decade Old Gunshot Case

Last week HBO won an appellate victory in a lawsuit brought by a gunshot victim who suffered injuries during a New York police raid. The woman sued the producers of a reality show for allegedly encouraging police to use excessive force while filming the raid for an episode. The incident, which occurred in 2001, was partially funded by HBO who was putting together footage for a tentative reality TV show featuring emergency service units (ESU) and NYPD. The film crew captured an ESU squad as they executed a search warrant in an apartment allegedly being used to sell stolen goods. One of the detectives mistook an object in the victim’s hands to be a gun and shot her once in the abdomen as she hid in a bathroom.

The victim also sued NYPD and the city of New York but that case has continued over the last decade. The claims included that the producers conspired with the police to use excessive force during the execution of the search warrant in order to maximize the entertainment value of the footage, however, that claim failed. The New York Court of Appeals affirmed the summary judgment dismissal granted by the lower court. 

Do you agree with the dismissal in this case?

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