Universal Studios Settles Mega Multimillion-Dollar Suit

Universal Studios and StudioCanal have settled a lawsuit over a series of films made under the Working Title banner. In February 2013, StudioCanal sued Universal alleging they were cheated in a partnership involving 44 films including: ‘About a Boy, ‘Billy Elliot’, ‘Love Actually’ and ‘O Brother Where Art Thou?’. After an audit of six of the films that allegedly exposed millions of dollars in underreported revenue, StudioCanal filed a lawsuit claiming that “tens of millions of dollars and likely more” was withheld and hidden. The plaintiff also claimed, among other allegations, that Universal wrongly accounted for and failed to report ancillary revenue from other sources, most notably music publishing. After almost a year of back and forth, the two parties moved to dismiss the lawsuit with prejudice last Friday. The terms of the settlement are and will remain confidential. 



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