Didn’t I say this would happen? Netflix deal with Comcast–the monopoly begins!

Didn’t I say this would happen? Netflix deal with Comcast–the monopoly begins!

If you came to my panel on digital distribution and VOD back in mid-October, you would have heard me predicting media conglamorates joining forces and increasing costs for consumers. I for one cord-cut quite some time ago and freed myself from my $150 monthly cable bill, and could not have been happier.  With so much content, I really haven’t missed “TV,” and have found some incredible shows I may not have seen before because of the traditional time-restrictions of cable.  Alas, these days may be over soon.

Netflix and Comcast just entered into a multi-year streaming deal.  While analysts claim this deal will improve the customer experience, is anyone complaining about the need for improvement?  Outside a thirst for more current programming, I think we’re good… I’d rather see Netflix pay for more premium content than enter into a deal like this.  At least improved content would actually improve the “consumer experience.”

The article above focuses on the benefit to both companies–presumably addressed at stockholders.  But what about us?  A natural extension of this is increased fees passed on to the consumer.

Anyone else dreading this?





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