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Will bad blood hinder potential deal between Apple and Comcast?

Will bad blood hinder potential deal between Apple and Comcast?

This September, technology giant, Apple, is launching a TV streaming service that includes 20-30 channels at $40 dollars a month. Apple has not yet acquired licensing from media conglomerate, Comcast, for NBCUniversal content. It’s unclear whether Apple is snubbing Comcast because of bad blood or if Comcast is blocking access to licensing its content.

If Comcast is refusing to license the content because of past issues, they could be in some trouble for violating FCC conditions it agreed to four years ago. One of those conditions includes licensing content to any Internet service that also has content for NBCU’s competitors. Those competitors, such as, ABC, CBS, and FOX are supposedly on board with Apple’s service. If true, it is NBCU’s turn.

Others say Apple is giving NBCU the cold shoulder because of past feuds. Let’s say NBCU is not included in the service. This could have serious implications on both ad revenue and number of subscribers. Sought after NBCU channels including Bravo, NBC, and USA won’t be available. Without this access, viewers and fans will find the service to be too limited and complicated. What value will the service have if it doesn’t have your favorite channel? It’s hard to believe that Apple would even consider taking such a huge risk; I doubt the service will launch without NBCU included.

The two companies are expected to start the bargaining process soon. Stay tuned for updates on the potential deal.


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Hollywood is buzzing over The Daily Show’s new host Trevor Noah!

Hollywood is buzzing over The Daily Show’s new host Trevor Noah!

It was officially announced that Trevor Noah will be replacing legendary Jon Stewart as the new host for The Daily Show. Trevor Noah is a South African comedian who has previously appeared on The Daily Show as a contributor. While the South African comedian isn’t well known in America, he is widely recognized in his own country.  This is exciting news for the show’s fans who have long awaited the official appointment of a new host.  In addition, Comedy Central who in the past has been criticized for its homogeneity is being applauded for bringing in some diversity. Their goal was to bring something new and different to the table and that is exactly what they did. The news has been trending all over social media. Noah’s premiere date has not yet been announced but it’s clear that everyone will be tuning in that night. I know I will!

Early this morning Noah tweeted: “No-one can replace Jon Stewart. But together with the amazing team at The Daily Show, we will continue to make the best damn news show!”

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