CAA’s first sign of legal action?

CAA’s first sign of legal action?

A total of 10 agents have made to jump from CAA to UTA this week and as expected CAA has made the first move towards legal action calling it a “lawless midnight raid.” Yesterday, CAA filed suit against UTA for contractual interference and filed breach of the duty of loyalty against two agents: Gregory Cavic and Gregory McKnight. According to CAA, these two agents, who were not under contract but still on the payroll, were secretly working together and with UTA to induce other agents to leave. Cavic and McKnight supposedly solicited clients on behalf of UTA while still at CAA, purposely delayed meetings, and encouraged clients to alter relations in anticipation of the move.  As for the remaining 8 agents, there will likely be a separate proceeding for breach of contract. CAA is clearly suffering in terms of reputation and profit; for their sake, I hope there aren’t anymore agents waiting to make the move. More to come on the CAA-UTA rivalry!

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