Comcast’s issue with DirecTV and Rob Lowe’s alter-ego.

Comcast’s issue with DirecTV and Rob Lowe’s Alter-ego.

Comcast has a big problem with DirecTV’s Rob Lowe campaign featuring his alter-ego personas, including ‘Meathead Rob Lowe’ and ‘Far Less Attractive Rob Lowe.’  The campaign is a combination of weird and hilarious but ‘Super Creepy Rob Lowe’ is actually really creepy. The bigger issue at hand is that Comcast says it’s cutting close to false advertising with misleading information. In effect, The Council of Better Business Bureau’s National Advertising Division has ruled in favor of Comcast encouraging DirecTV to discontinue the campaign.  One of claims being, “Don’t be like this me [reference to alter-ego]. Get rid of cable and upgrade to DirecTV” and the NAD said this conveyed a “comparative and unsupported superiority message.”  More importantly, the NAD findings are not legally binding so DirecTV doesn’t have to stop running the ads just yet. It’s not all bad news for DirecTV considering the amount buzz over the entertaining commercials. If you have people talking and watching YouTube videos, you must be doing something right. Let’s see how it all plays out moving forward.

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