What’s The Verdict: Oprah Winfrey Network v. Justin Jackson

What’s The Verdict: Oprah Winfrey Network v. Justin Jackson

A con man by the name of ‘Justin Jackson’ is the root of an ongoing impersonation scheme.  The lawsuit filed by the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN) was brought forth because Jackson has been pretending to be Winfrey’s nephew and OWN employee. His motive? All in the name of free prizes, concert tickets, hotel accommodations, and access to celebrities!  This isn’t his first stint. In fact, his history of impersonation dates back to 2007.  One co-Plaintiff is Reggie Love, President Obama’s former body man. Jackson pretended to be Love in order to get gift cards to the Cheesecake Factory and Juicy Couture. Interesting choice of gift cards. It’s unclear how Love is associated with the companies. Regardless, Jackson must be a huge fan.  In 2010, Jackson was arrested for fraud and impersonating a public officer, but skipped bail and has since had a warrant out for his arrest.  As for Scott Garner, a top executive at OWN and another co-plaintiff, Jackson supposedly used his identity to look at Miami real estate on behalf of Ms. Winfrey. Jackson wasn’t alone in the fraudulent activities but was assisted by co-defendant Angel Agarrat. The lawsuit was filed in the Southern District of Florida this past Friday, which accuses the defendants of misappropriation of name, trademark infringement, dilution and civil conspiracy.  I hope Mr. Jackson doesn’t skip bail once again.  More to come on What’s the Verdict!

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