CAA and UTA in a Tug-of-War over Chris Pratt?

CAA and UTA in a Tug-of-War over Chris Pratt?

Were you thinking that the dust was beginning to settle? Not so fast. Chris Pratt, star of Guardians of the Galaxy, could be in the midst of a heated tug-of-war. Chris Pratt was signed with CAA  when he began working on a film project The Real McCoy. Then, on March 31st, Chris Pratt followed his agent Jason Heyman over to UTA. Pratt was not officially attached to the project until April 16th.  That’s two weeks after the move.  What does this mean for the project? Does it belong to CAA or is it transferred to UTA? It’s unlikely that CAA will easily pass it over to their archenemy.  The question remains…which agency will get the actor’s commission?

CAA can make the claim that they should get commission because the project first started while Pratt was still with the agency.  But UTA could win this given the litigation and arbitration actions pending.  There was no deal in place for Pratt but only an oral attachment agreement.  In this case, UTA would be the sole agency negotiating on behalf on Pratt.

It’s no surprise CAA is fighting for this. Once the project’s pitches began circling Hollywood, every studio showed interest. Universal Studios and Warner Bros. entered an aggressive bidding war and in the end, Universal won.  In addition, Chris Pratt who starred in Guardians of the Galaxy is seen as an up and coming star. He recently turned down offers as high as $6 million and if Jurassic World coming out in June is a success, then there’s no doubt his salary range would hit 8 figures. Who wouldn’t want this actor’s commission!

Stay tuned for more updates!

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