How Did Bruce Jenner Break Social Media Records?

How Did Bruce Jenner Break Social Media Records?

Almost everyone had something to say on social media after Diane Sawyer sat down with Bruce Jenner for a 2-hour interview, which covered the rumors that he was transitioning into a woman.  The exclusive interview on ABC’s 20/20 brought the highest ratings it has seen for a non-awards show and non-sports event.  The special scored almost 17 million viewers! With that, Jenner was a worldwide trend on Twitter throughout the broadcast and the numbers make the show “the most social Friday telecast of all time, excluding sports.”  According to Nielsen Social,  about 8.1 million people saw one or more of the 972,000 tweets about the program, those tweets were sent by 403,000 people and viewed 139 million times. These conversations were filled with support for Jenner and his story. More importantly, the interview was a historic moment for the transgender community. If you didn’t watch the interview, I commend Diane Sawyer for the way she carried this sensitive matter.  Sawyer asked the questions we all wanted to ask, but did so in a way that was non-invasive. It has been confirmed that Jenner will star in his own docu-series that will cover his transition; the show is set to debut on E! in July.  #BruceJennerInterview


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