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Whats the Verdict: Is Binge Watching the New Normal? NBC takes the plunge!

Once reserved strictly for online content streaming platforms like Amazon, Hulu, and Netflix, binge watching seems to have gone mainstream, with big networks beginning to release whole seasons online. The adoption of the binge model by big networks comes precisely at the same time that platforms like Netflix are moving away from it.

Tomorrow NBC will release the the first season of David Duchovny’s new period drama, Aquarius in its entirety online, while at the same time airing one episode a week on TV. In a Hollywood reporter article, NBC Entertainment Chairman, Bob Greenblatt proclaimed this decisions would push new boundaries, while also giving the consumer what they want.

NBC’s jump into the binge party comes at the same time as other’s are begining to question its merit. On May 21, Netflix began airing its new show, Between on a week to week basis. Hulu is also questioning the model and is looking at non binge options for its lineup, and Yahoo’s sixth season of Community is also being released over several weeks.

At the root of this shift is the need to create buzz. Content creators want to be able to build buzz around their shows, that continue over a period of time. The binge model allows for much of this build up. However, once the show is released the hype plummets. Serial releasing of content, on a week by week basis allows for hype to be built throughout a season.

As big networks like NBC move to catch up to online content providers like Netflix, more and more shows will be released on the binge model. The implications of this for the industry could be huge. Networks will have to create more and more content. This means that season story lines will become much longer. This also means that Networks will have to green light more shows. If they no longer have to worry about the physical confines of airtime, networks will be able to produce more shows for online viewers.

The real question is wether or not this is what the consumer wants. Will weekly entertainment transition into becoming fourteen hour obligations to watch an entire season in one weekend? What implications will this have on hiring patterns? What does this trend mean for payouts in the industry?

What do you think the verdict will be?


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What are Aziz Ansari and Netflix Cooking Up?

What are Aziz Ansari and Netflix Cooking Up?

The Ansari-Netflix duo. Comedian Aziz Ansari and Netflix are cooking up a new sitcom to be featured on the streaming service. It will be a 10-episode comedy series starring Aziz Ansari and other notorious comedians including Eric Wareheim (Time and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!), Noel Wells (SNL), Kelvin Yu (Popular) amongst others as co-stars. The show has not yet been titled and details have been kept under wraps, but word on the street is that it deals with…dating and relationships. I wonder if there is a connection to Ansari’s book Modern Romance, which will be coming out in June.

The show is being co-created with Alan Yang, executive producer of Parks & Rec.  Both Ansari and Yang will serve as executive producers along with a few others including Michael Schur and David Miner, both of whom are from Parks & Rec. The connection? Aziz Ansari is widely recognized as the star for all seven seasons of the popular TV series. In fact, it was Ansari’s ‘big break’ so to speak.  Supposedly, filming has started in New York but no word on its release.  Anyone whose a comedy fan or a fan of Parks & Rec should definitely keep their eye out for updates. This announcement comes after deals to feature Ansari’s stand-up specials as well as other talks of new sitcoms including a Full House reunion type series. Netflix just keeps on hitting the green light!

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