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What’s the Verdict: Marlon Wayan Creates Fifty Shades of Grey Spoof!

What’s the Verdict: Marlon Wayan Creates Fifty Shades of Grey Spoof!

Open Road Production company just bought the rights to Marlon Wayan’s new project, a spoof of the erotic thriller Fifty Shades of Grey, Fifty shades of black. The company purchased the film rights for a cool $5 million, and plan on a late January of 2016 release date.

This isn’t Wayan’s first deal with the Open Road Production company. He had previously worked with them on his last film titled A Haunted House. Open road also has Michael Tiddes ties to the deal as a the film’s director, Tiddes also directed A Haunted House.

Wayan’s is also expected to make his appearance as Mr. Black alongside long time friend and collaborator Rick Alvarez. If his past work is any indication this film is sure to get some laughs. I love a good spoof and I cannot wait to see this one.


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Update in Time Warner and CBS negotiations

Three LA-area customers have hit Time Warner Cable with a class action suit over the CBS blackout. The plaintiffs seek subscription fees and reimbursements on behalf of fellow Time Warner subscribers affected by the blackout. In the complaint filed yesterday, they claim unjust enrichment, breach of contract and more. Plaintiffs are also arguing that they received no notice of the blackout and that Time Warner has not offered credits in light of what has happened.

No word from Time Warner on the case.


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Updates: Time Warner & CBS Struggles

Today, the head of Time Warner offered a new deal to CBS. Time Warner would offer CBS but would require an additional fee for customers on top of their monthly bills. This way, subscribers would be the ones deciding whether or not CBS programming is of value to them. CBS has not yet accepted or refused the proposal. 
Also, Verizon Fios, Time Warner’s competitor, recently stated that it has been receiving an increasing number of Time Warner customers looking to switch their service. 
How do you think this will affect Time Warner’s overall revenue and leverage in negotiating with CBS?

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