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What’s the Verdict: Marlon Wayan Creates Fifty Shades of Grey Spoof!

What’s the Verdict: Marlon Wayan Creates Fifty Shades of Grey Spoof!

Open Road Production company just bought the rights to Marlon Wayan’s new project, a spoof of the erotic thriller Fifty Shades of Grey, Fifty shades of black. The company purchased the film rights for a cool $5 million, and plan on a late January of 2016 release date.

This isn’t Wayan’s first deal with the Open Road Production company. He had previously worked with them on his last film titled A Haunted House. Open road also has Michael Tiddes ties to the deal as a the film’s director, Tiddes also directed A Haunted House.

Wayan’s is also expected to make his appearance as Mr. Black alongside long time friend and collaborator Rick Alvarez. If his past work is any indication this film is sure to get some laughs. I love a good spoof and I cannot wait to see this one.

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What happened between major talent agencies CAA and UTA?


What happened between major talent agencies CAA and UTA?

Some of Hollywood’s notorious talent agents including Jason Heyman, Martin Lesak, Gregory McKnight, Greg Cavic Nuciforo dropped big news yesterday. The agents have decided to just up and leave CAA to join its rival agency UTA. Client loyalty is expected; Chris Pratt, Will Ferrell, and Kayne West have already followed their agents and made the move to UTA. But what were their reasons for leaving? Some claim the agents were unhappy with salaries, while others claim they wanted bigger titles. How can these agents just get up and leave thinking there would not repercussions?  Based on CAA’s reaction, it appears that these agents may have jumped the gun before their contracts were officially up.

CAA will be filing suit against its former colleagues for breach of contract and UTA for alleged ‘poaching’ practices. Did the agents illegally breach their contracts? What role did UTA play in this? Was it premeditated? CAA will likely present the following arguments: (1) agents breach of contract, (2) UTA’s interference with contracts constitute unfair competition, which will hold UTA liable, and (3) Possible claim for civil conspiracy if UTA conspired with the agents. The workplace culture at CAA has clearly been disrupted by the events and it’s almost certainly the case that CAA is already working on strategies to legally ‘steal’ top agents and talent in retaliation. Stay tuned for updates on the CAA vs. UTA rivalry…

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If ‘Walking Dead’ is the No. 1 Show on TV, Why Aren’t Their Stars Famous, Yet?

After two consecutive weeks of famously outperforming Sunday Night Football, ‘Walking Dead’ continues to monopolize television viewership. Even as the show outpaces its competitors, the most pervasive question remains: why aren’t its stars famous yet? Some industry insiders speculate the dichotomy is due to the low awareness level of the ‘Walking Dead’ stars. The most obvious way to raise awareness levels is breaking into the top Emmy Award categories. In the mean time, two of the stars have secured more prestigious representation, recently signing with CAA. Presumably, CAA will initiate a more concrete marketing strategy to elevate their Q scores.  
How do you think the ‘Walking Dead’ stars should go about raising their awareness levels?

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