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Collective Bargaining Hollywood Style: Entourage stars Get $2mil each negotiating as one

Collective Bargaining Hollywood Style: Entourage stars Get $2mil each negotiating as one

After years of speculation and anticipation the HBO hit series Entourage will finally make it to the silver screen. Its long journey to the world’s movie theaters, as with most Hollywood big budget productions, was not without controversy and delay. In a recent article in the Hollywood Reporter, Kevin Dillon, who co-stars in the film said that discussion about a potential film had begun as early as 2008, the same year that HBO’s Sex and the City made its film debut.  Much of the delay was due to writer and director, Doug Ellin’s inability to come up with a script and storyline for the feature. However, once the script was completed the film would be further delayed by marathon salary negotiations.

One of the project’s main stars, Jeremy Piven, who was the only established celebrity prior to the original show’s conception, received a salary that left the other actors feeling like they deserved more than originally offered. After negotiations were finally completed Piven walked away with a cool $5 million, and the film’s other stars, Adrian Gernier, Jerry Ferrera, and Kevin Dillon, each signed deals worth $2 million.

In his interview with the Hollywood Reporter, Grenier discusses how he, Ferrera, and Dillon negotiated as a single unit to get their final deal, “We recognized that we had more leverage when we were aligned.” The utilization of collective bargaining between the project’s stars and the studio is very interesting and could start a new trend in contract negotiations. Rather than negotiate separate deals and contracts it seems as though Gerneir, Ferrera, and Dillon opted to negotiate as a single unit. This allowed them to secure the same uniform deal of $2 million each, rather than have their agents and attorney’s negotiate several different deals for each star. This technique can prove to be a rather effective one for ensemble cast projects, where all the stars can work together to secure a favorable payout.

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Vertical Integration?

ABC and CBS have been experimenting with vertical integration, as more network-affiliated studios have been selling to other broadcast networks.

ABC just committed to a CBS comedy, as CBS is trying to sell shows to other broadcast networks. For example, it has set up an untitled comedy at ABC , which revolves around a two sisters. In fact, many of the successful shows at large networks hail from other studios, like Warner Bros TV, 20th TV, and Sony TV. 

With these changes, it seems that vertical integration is not temporary, but in fact here to stay. Do you think its influence on networks’ decisions  is beneficial or harmful?

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Update in Time Warner and CBS negotiations

Three LA-area customers have hit Time Warner Cable with a class action suit over the CBS blackout. The plaintiffs seek subscription fees and reimbursements on behalf of fellow Time Warner subscribers affected by the blackout. In the complaint filed yesterday, they claim unjust enrichment, breach of contract and more. Plaintiffs are also arguing that they received no notice of the blackout and that Time Warner has not offered credits in light of what has happened.

No word from Time Warner on the case.


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Hugh Douglas Leaves ESPN

ESPN has split with Hugh Douglas, co-host of Numbers Never Lie over a racially charged altercation. He allegedly had an altercation with co-host Michael Smith and screamed racial slurs at him. He tweeted his leave from ESPN yesterday morning.

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Spike Lee Passes $1 Million in his Kickstarter Campaign

Spike Lee’s Kickstarter campaign for his project about people’s addiction to blood has surpassed $1 million, nearing his goal of $1.25 million. Donors who give $10,000 get a day on set filming and a day editing with Lee himself.

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Jumpstart Our Businesses Startup Act

The effects of the Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act that President Obama signed last April shall be seen on September 23rd. The act lifts some restrictions off businesses, essentially paving the way for equity crowdfunding. Filmmakers will even be able to set their own rules for their projects. The rest of the provisions will go into effect in 2014 and will allow for unaccredited investors to participate as well.

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Tim McGraw Has Gotten His Former Label’s Copyright Lawsuit Dismissed

Curb Records had claimed rights to the singer’s most recent album after he released it early. The U.S. district judge claimed that McGraw has certain rights to his recordings and decided to let the state judge’s opinion stand.

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