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What’s the Verdict: Marlon Wayan Creates Fifty Shades of Grey Spoof!

What’s the Verdict: Marlon Wayan Creates Fifty Shades of Grey Spoof!

Open Road Production company just bought the rights to Marlon Wayan’s new project, a spoof of the erotic thriller Fifty Shades of Grey, Fifty shades of black. The company purchased the film rights for a cool $5 million, and plan on a late January of 2016 release date.

This isn’t Wayan’s first deal with the Open Road Production company. He had previously worked with them on his last film titled A Haunted House. Open road also has Michael Tiddes ties to the deal as a the film’s director, Tiddes also directed A Haunted House.

Wayan’s is also expected to make his appearance as Mr. Black alongside long time friend and collaborator Rick Alvarez. If his past work is any indication this film is sure to get some laughs. I love a good spoof and I cannot wait to see this one.


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What’s The Verdict: Will the success of Entourage mean an end to female driven storylines?

What’s The Verdict: Will the success of Entourage mean an end to female driven storylines?

Entourage may prove to be one of the biggest films of the summer, and even the year. Fandango reported that more than 50% of its online sales today have been for tickets to the anticipated film debut of the popular HBO series. The film, which aired special previews across the country this past Tuesday was already able to hit a $2 million in ticket sales record.

With these starting numbers Entourage is sure to break a couple of records. But what effect will this have on female driven films in the industry? Over the past coupe of years female driven casts have become more and more prominent. Even films that would have traditionally thought of as male driven have begun to feature strong female leads.

Mad Max, a film that was originally male driven featured several female protagonists in the remake released last month. For a while it seemed as though the trend of large ensemble cast type films was to integrate both female and male characters.

Entourage presents audiences with a change to this trend. The film is entirely male driven. While it does feature female characters and cameos the storyline, like the HBO show, will revolve around its male actors.

With the film projected to break a series of records for both summer films, and the industry in general, will its all male cast send a message to content creators? Will the industry revert back to featuring all male casts?

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Katie Holmes Going Behind the Camera?

Katie Holmes Going Behind the Camera?

The actress Katie Holmes has partnered with Mike Daniels, former Sons of Anarchy co-executive producer, for a victim advocate drama to be on Cinemax. Daniels will be writing the script and serve as a showrunner, but both Holmes and Daniels are executive producers. What is this ‘character-driven action drama; going to be about? The show will follow a victims’ rights advocate who is attacked by a stalker, but later returns to the dangerous streets of her past all in the name of justice.  I wonder what kind of action this entails.  Although the show has not yet been named, I’m already hooked on the suspense.  The film will be produced via Universal Television studios, which marks their first project for Cinemax. In being a fan of both Katie Holmes and Sons of Anarchy, my expectations are going to be high. Who else is going to watch?

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Attention: Screenwriters Looking To Get Picked Up

Warner Bros has signed a deal with Franklin Leonard’s “The Black List” to discover under-served screenwriters. Starting from Thanksgiving season this year, five new screenwriters will be recommended by WGA to Warner Bros every six months; one of which will be offered a two-step blind script deal worth approximately $93,000. Leonard said that the program will target certain demographics of writers, including “writers of color and women, but also older writers as well, with pre and early baby boomers […].” On top of this, here’s another catch: the chosen writers cannot have made more than $25,000 from screenwriting in their career, as the idea is to offer chances for new screenwriters to express their voices and ideas. For all the aspiring screenwriters out there, look out! This might be your chance!

Attention: Screenwriters Looking To Get Picked Up

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IMAX Dominating in Movie Theaters

IMAX Corporation has expanded its partnership with both Wanda Cinema Line Corporation, as well as AMC Theaters. The renewal of joint venture with Wanda includes an addition of up to 120 new IMAX Theaters in China, making Wanda the largest international partnership for IMAX. Similarly, AMC’s  (owned by Wanda Group) deal with IMAX includes up to 10 new IMAX theatres in the US, making them the largest IMAX exhibition partners in North America. These new commitments of expansion reflect IMAX’s goals for their development in the next-generation laser projection system, and showcase their confidence in bringing premiere cinematic experiences for everyone in entertainment. 

Read more on: IMAX Super-Sizes Partnership Deals With AMC Theaters And Wanda

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Disney Fans, Rejoice!

For all you Disney fans out there…get excited! Walt Disney Records and Amazon have just signed a deal to release out-of print titles and certain Disney classic films. These soundtracks and songs will be released through Amazon’s service – CreateSpace.

Although the terms of negotiation is not available to the public, we know that there are already 18 titles in the DIsney CD Rarities section on as of now. Now stay in tune, as new titles will be added to the Disney Music Store every month, from the most recent films such as “The Avengers” to classic films from the 90s!

So Disney fans of all ages, you will now have the convenience of to reconnect with your childhood Disney memories, or stay connected with the current Disney music!

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Italian Film Industry’s Tax Credit Troubles

Back in 2009, the Italian government proposed to implement tax incentive cuts to the cinema industry under a new budget strategy to combat recession. As soon as the news came out, the Italian film industry threatened this new budget law with strikes and protests to protect the major tax credits that supported film productions. At the end, the issue was resolved after rigorous negotiation processes, and tax credits continued to be funded.

However, the Italian administration has just announced this year that tax credits for the entertainment industry will not be funded after the end of 2014. Instead of budgeting the tax credit for lower, the administration has decided to eliminate tax credits as a whole. This economic decision was made to help Italy reduce debt, and climb out of the European debt crisis. In fact, as of last year, Italy’s debt was 127% of the entire country’s GDP, making it the second highest debt-to-GDP country in Europe, right behind Greece. Due to this, the Italian government is making wide-range government spending cuts to various industries, including the cinema and television sector.

This decision clearly has implications not only on the Italian films, but also international movies co-filmed in Italy. Italy’s tax incentives have always ben a major attraction for production companies worldwide to film their productions in this country. The original tax credits not only provide up to $6.6 million dollars for every Italian cinema/TV as production costs; but it it also provide up to $4.6 million dollars for co-productions shot in Italy, making the country an idea place for many US films to be made. Just as a few examples, past US filmed that have been co-produced there include The Bank Job, The Tourist, Letters to Juliet, and The Godfather. The elimination of these tax credit will not only take away the appeal for foreign production companies to film in Italy, but it will also result in the fall of production as a whole. Major Italian films that require a high budget will no longer have the support they need, and the reduction of films being made can ultimately lead to an estimate of 2,500 job losses in the near future (including those of distributors and indirectly related positions).

Upon receiving Prime Minister Enrico Letta’s  statement on the tax credits elimination, many Italian film associations have responded vigorously to this change. Last Thursday, about thirty film associations- including ANICA, ANEC, AGIS, 100autori Writers’ Association and various unions, have released a statement that threatens to block the Venice Film Festival’s July 25th conference and all major events if the tax credits is not reinstated by then. They have asked the government to at least provide $118 million funding per year. Despite Letta’s efforts to reassure the industry that the government is committed to locate the tax credits from resources elsewhere after next year, these film associations are looking to be less lenient than they were in 2009.

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